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City State Description
- Do Not Enter Signs -
Canada Brockville   Street Views of the coastal town of Brockville, Canada, Fall, 2000.
Italy Venice   The Bob Collection Sent in by world-traveler Bob. ( bgrimes@austin.rr.com ) Summer, 2000.
USA San Jose CA San Jose (local) A few pictures from around the Bay area.
  Denver CO Commercial warning signs in Denver CO.
  Cape Cod MA Outside a lighthouse - "No Trespassing" sign in Chatham, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA.
  Syracuse NY Airport A few Airport pictures from Syracuse, New York.
  Cincinnati OH Wrong Way Cincinnati Airport Do Not Enter sign warning travelers not to go wrong way on horizontal escalators.
  Oklahoma City OK This warning sign near a motel pool has a second warning in fine print: "Do not Remove or Cover".
  Cola SC Three Signs Outside the Cola Public Post Office. Plus ( detail ) of postal worker.
  Columbia SC

Dump Warning Sign near the an open-air dump several miles outside the capital of South Carolina. (red haze is from double exposure). Jan, 1998. Two more of a car wash warning sign and a Cable-Buried warning sign.

  Plano TX Jiffy Lube + A few warining picures from North Dallas.
  Houston TX No Disco Sent in by two Texas travelers.
  San Antonio TX Court House, Farmer's Market and Street Sign Cluster photos from San Antonio, TX.
{a truck stop} ? NV Just about in the middle of no-where land -- with hundreds of miles of open space. On the interstate that runs East and West. You know the one.
- NOT Signs -
  Extension Cord Warning Underwriters Laboratories Inc, Warning Label - Extension cords sometimes have little paper circle warning lables.
USA Austin TX No Feet International Airport Shuttle Bus Wheel Chair Lift Warning, ( archives ) Fall, 2000.
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