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You have seen them all over the Web - Under Construction Notices. They are plastered on web pages to announce that the web designer is still working on their website. Some people like them (are they cute?); others see them as petty excuses proliferated by web designer want-ta-bes.

Free Under Construction Graphics
Small Graphics
. Small Under Construction Graphics, icons, and animations:
{ page one , page two , page three }
. Lines, rules, bars, and separators:
{ page one , page two , page three }
road signs
. Classical Under Construction Graphics:
{ page one , page two }
. Moving, blinking, and revolving Under Construction graphics:
{ page one , page two , page three }
Larger Pictures
. Larger Under Construction Graphics:
{ page one , page two , page three , page four }

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Under Construction Images
- (real landscape pictures) Plus more graphics.
People against under construction images!
- For people who view Under Construction pages as the trash of the Internet.
Live Action Shareware to Animate Sites Under Construction
- Some interesting animation and shockwave graphics. One big problem - the shareware fee of $50.00 is unreal. Would you pay fifty dollars for these pictures? It should be noted that I left those pictures there!
Under Construction Haters Page
- DO YOU HATE UNDERCONSTRUCTION PAGES? In the words of this page's author: "This page is my best effort to convince you, the web page author, not to use an under construction icon on your page. The whole idea of the web as a place which is `under construction` is getting very old."
A Men Working Image
A "Men Working" image designed & drawn by David J. Calabrese. He requests a link back to his copyright if you use his icon. Very attractive.
Under Construction Graphic Set - buttons, etc.
- A simple and elegant graphic set including buttons deigned along the motif of a under construction page.
Real Life Construction Site Pictures
- Real life construction pictures (included moved dirt). Big trucks, bulldozers, road repair signs, and construction cones pictured in the real world; interesting twist on the standard web-inclined under construction notices.
Another " Under Construction webpages SUCK " page!
In the words of the page's author: "Yep, it's this little shoveling guy who seems to appear on 50% of all web pages. Who is he? What is his name?"
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